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Information Technology

The Middle School Information Technology curriculum presents a variety of course options, including integrated projects in all subjects as well as optional exploratory technology classes. This ensures growth beyond basic computer literacy and incorporates technology as a tool in all academic pursuits. The curriculum has been prompted by the changes in the "real world" of technology and continues to be modified throughout the Middle School years depending on technological advancements. Key elements of the Middle School technology curriculum include students utilizing online applications, developing fundamental skills in editing digital images and sounds, managing, manipulating and presenting digital projects, and increasing knowledge of online security and positive digital citizenship.


iLearn is a semester long elective offered in Grade 5. Students acquire foundational skills and experience ideas and tools to enhance production and efficiency in regular classes. Students are introduced to online collaborative tools and become adept at managing his/her school work and resources. Exposure to a vast amount of online  educational resources broadens students’ skill sets and leads to investigations regarding  online safety. Audio manipulation and movie production allow for students to express their learning creatively. Students leave the course with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and experience with a wide range of technology applications.


iDesign is a semester long elective offered in Grade 6. iDesign allows students to explore the design cycle of investigation, planning, creation and testing. Students have the opportunity to explore and experiment with various creative software applications, focus and develop an idea or product, and through presentation and peer evaluation, modify their designs and creations. The iDesign curriculum explores Desktop/Online Publishing, Animation, 3D Modeling, and an Introduction to Photoshop.

Innovative Technology 

Innovative Technology is a semester long elective offered in Grades 7 and/or 8. Innovative Technology ensures students acquire the basic skills in presentation design, multimedia publishing, video production, digital imagery (Photoshop) and game design/coding. As much as possible, projects are student inspired and integrated with other classes. Student products will be published to a wide audience in various forms (Youtube, blogs, posters, class presentations) and personal progress chronicled in student ePortfolio websites.  Students will propose, design, and produce an integrated self-study project (Quest Project) to further develop their skills, interests, and expertise in one or more areas previously covered in the course.

Introduction To Robotics

MS Robotics is a problems-based course in which students will work primarily in teams to design, build and program robots. The main hardware for the robots will be LEGO EV3 Mindstorms, which uses both lego materials, motors, sensors, and computer programming software. Creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking will be used to program robots to solve problems and navigate obstacle challenges. Students will explore the design cycle of analysis, development, and testing in the context of building and programming robots.  Each student will have an online digital portfolio used to collect their work as well as reflections.

Students throughout the course will be required to program robots to solve several obstacle challenges.  Completing each challenge ensures that the students understand the programmatic concepts.  Students work in teams to build robots but will be required to program the robots individually. The MS Robotics curriculum explores Robotics through the lens of the STEM subjects of (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  

Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics expands significantly on the concepts explored in Introduction To Robotics. Advanced Robotics is a project based course that allows students to explore advanced programming concepts as well as code custom applications in RobotC Line code. Subroutines, variables, switch statements, infinite and nested loops are all explored. Students also attempt complex constructions that they have to improvise further improving their construction design skills as well. Upon completion of the course students can continue on to take Robotics in high school.