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Parent Community Association (PCA)



Greetings! Welcome—and welcome back—to the ISM campus for the School Year 2018- 2019.

I am Simran Uttamchandani, and I lead the Parent Community Association (PCA) at ISM. The PCA is a group of volunteers that supports our parent community. We help faculty and school leadership when asked, but our focus is not in the classroom. It is on you, the parents.

We aim to provide support through various events, each aimed at a particular need, and we have an exciting program for 2018-2019. We start in August with a New Supplies Sale, and in September we stage our Bearcat Welcome. This event brings to campus companies that might be of interest to you, including: retail shops, financial services firms, art and music tutors, fitness, yoga and wellness providers, charitable organizations and travel companies. It is meant to help new families acclimate, and provide a fresh look for returning families.

The PCA also sponsors “Parent Meet and Greet” events, a Holiday Bazaar, and “Inter- national Night”. In support of ISM’s service learning goals, we also organize and fund “Renovate to Educate” events, where parents and children work together to renovate classrooms in nearby low-income school districts. These are just some of the many com- munity-building activities we have lined up for you!

The PCA is made up of volunteers—36 in total. Twenty eight volunteers make up the Par- ent Representative Group (PRG). There are two PRG members for each grade from Pre-K to Grade 12, and they work with all parents in that grade level. They are a conduit for your concerns or ideas, or a seasoned hand if you are new to the area or school. We also have a small eight-person ExComm that helps coordinate activities.

The PCA is self-funded. As per our bylaws and charter, we receive no financial support from ISM (but plenty of other collaboration and in-kind support!). So we rely on sponsors, ticket sales and raffles to support our activities. In 2018-2019, our financial sponsors will include the Manila Symphony Orchestra, Century Foods, AB Capital Brokerage and Trust, Coca-Cola and Metro Retail. Please show them your appreciation where you can.

Come visit! You can find the PCA office on the 2nd floor, near the ES Kantina. Usually some of us are there, working on events, or having a chat. Come in and say hello.

Welcome, welcome back, and let us know how the PCA can help you.

On behalf of the entire team,

Simran Uttamchandani
PCA President 2017-2018


Who is in the PCA?

The members of the PCA consist solely of parents of students currently enrolled at the ISM, the entire faculty and school administration.  Membership is automatic and everyone is eligible to be nominated or elected to serve as officers of the PCA.

The Executive Committee members who recommend the policy and general direction of the PCA.  Special Committees created depending on the needs for the year.

The Parent Representative Group comprising Grade Liaison Officers for each grade level, who facilitate communication between parents, teachers and school administrators and help in organizing class activities.

The operation of the PCA is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws.


ISM PCA Constitution and By-Laws

Click here to download.