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Middle School Learning Support

The Learning Support Department at International School Manila coordinates programs and services for students with learning needs. The model is based on the belief that students vary in their learning profiles and that individuals respond best to educational programs that are specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

Overview of Levels of Support

The Learning Support Program provides three levels of support. Levels of support are determined on an individual basis and according to each student’s identified learning needs. Determination of level of support is made by the Learning Support Resource Team (LSRT) based upon information provided by Admissions, school reports, standardized testing, teachers and parents. A Learning Support teacher assigned to the student in partnership with the parents then develops a Learning Support Plan (LS Plan). This plan includes specific goals for the student’s improvement.

Learning Support Level 1 (LS1)

LS1 students receive support in the core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies). Each student is provided with a Learning Support Plan. The LS Plan includes individual goals and guidance to teachers on how to implement classroom accommodations that address the student’s needs. The LS teacher consistently monitors the student’s progress and provides direct and indirect support within core classes.

Learning Support Level 2 (LS2)

LS2 students receive support in the core classes and in a small-group setting. Each student is provided with a Learning Support Plan. The LS Plan identifies goals and specific interventions for students with identified needs who may require more significant accommodations and/or modifications. These are implemented through direct and indirect services in core classes and in Strategy Instruction.

Learning Support Level 3 (LS3)

The LS3 student may require significant modifications and/or accommodations to the content of the curriculum as well as direct instruction in social skills. Social skills training is taught by an LS teacher or a speech and language pathologist in a small-group setting and implemented in the core classes. In the Middle School, the LS3 student also receives Strategy Instruction class.


Specialized Learning Support Program (SLSP)

The Specialized Learning Support Program serves students with significant learning needs, which may include intellectual or developmental challenges. Students will be integrated into our regular ISM classrooms and activities to the greatest extent that it is appropriate. The Specialized Learning Support Program will be taught by a highly trained special educator and assistants, and will include support by other related service professionals such as Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists and Occupational Therapists.  Each student is provided with a Learning Support Plan.  The LS plan includes individual goals; developed based on assessment.  An individualized curriculum will focus on all academic and functional areas, including social-communication and behavioral needs. The program will be funded by additional fees and costs on top of regular ISM tuition.

Strategy Instruction

Strategy Instruction is designed to provide students with strategies to improve their individual organizational, study and self-advocacy skills. Additionally, it provides students with a range of strategies to use across content areas to maximize success. This class is recommended for students requiring direct support in their regular academic program. Placement in Strategy Instruction will be determined by the LSRT. Strategy Instruction is taught by an LS teacher and supports the core curriculum. This is usually in lieu of a Modern Language course.

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