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Elementary School Learning Support

International School Manila believes in inclusion. We aim to serve the international community and strive to support and educate all members of that community regardless of ability. We accept students with learning differences, including mild to severe learning disabilities, as long as we are confident in our ability to meet their needs.

At International School Manila, we take a collaborative approach to meet the needs of our learning support students. Our classroom teachers work alongside our learning support teachers, educational and teaching assistants, specialist teachers, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists. These professionals, together with parents, ensure that high quality education is provided and our students have the support they need. Each applicant is considered on an individual basis. The decision to admit a student with learning support needs is made by the Learning Support Resource Team (LSRT) in each division of the school (Elementary School, Middle School and High School).

The learning support program provides three levels of service, in addition to a Specialized Learning Support Program for students with significant needs who require a heavily modified curriculum. Determination of level of support is made by the LSRT based upon information available to them. Level of support is reviewed on a regular basis by the LSRT and may be altered based on the needs of the student. There is a supplementary charge for learning support services based on the individual needs of each child.

Specialized Learning Support Program (SLSP)

This Specialized Learning Support Program serves students with significant learning needs, which may include intellectual or developmental disabilities. Students in the Specialized Learning Support Program (SLSP) require a modified curriculum and a low student to staff ratio in order to support their learning development. Such support addresses social- communication, behavioral, and all academic needs. Additional support from a Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist are embedded in the classroom as needed. Students in SLSP are integrated into our home-base ISM classrooms and activities to the greatest extent that it is appropriate. Building awareness and empathy, as well as peer and teacher advocates, within these classrooms are a primary focus of the program. There is a supplementary charge for services delivered in SLSP.

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