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ISM's Counseling Philosophy

The mission of the ISM Guidance and Counseling Department is to help each student realize his/her full potential as a unique human being. We believe that a student’s well being is directly related to a positive self-image developed through continuous experiences of challenge, achievement, and success. This belief requires consideration of the whole person - his/her physical, emotional, social and educational development.  

The goal of the ISM Guidance and Counseling Department is to facilitate the growth and well-being of each student and to help each individual achieve academic, personal, and life success.  This is done with respect to the ISM School-wide Student Goals where we expect students to work to the best of their ability to be:

  • Inquiring and Reflective Problem Solvers
  • Knowledgeable and Skilled Learners
  • Effective Communicators
  • Self-directed and Balanced Individuals
  • Responsible, Caring and Ethical Contributors
  • How can Guidance Counselors be helpful?

All Guidance Counselors have university graduate level training in guidance and counseling.  They are child advocates and qualified to provide confidential and professional support services to students, teachers, parents and the ISM community.

Schools increasingly need to be responsive and caring places to help all students through many important transitions on the way to becoming independent, responsible adults.
Counselors have special skills and resources to help ensure that students' personal, social and intellectual needs are met.  The Guidance Counselors are trained to provide confidential and student-centered services as well as counseling-related programs.
ISM has a unique multicultural environment, with over 70 nationalities represented.  Counselors are sensitive to this unique environment and respect cultural differences and values in their counseling and consultations.
Counselors also serve as a link between administration, teachers, parents, and outside community resources and agencies.

How do Counselors support classroom teachers? 

A considerable amount of time is devoted to consulting with teachers, parents and administrators. Through effective us of consultation, the counselor can impact greater numbers of students than would be possible through solitary efforts. Consultation may include such topics as children with attention or motivational issues, adjustment issues, family difficulties, classroom management techniques, affective classroom activities, standardized testing procedures and preparation activities.

What is the role of Guidance Counselors?

  • Conducting individual and group counseling and follow-up with students, teachers and parents in the areas of:   
    • Academic/Behavioral
    • Personal/Social
    • College and Career                      
  • Interviewing and placing new students
  • Assessing students' social and academic strengths
  • Conducting orientation and grade level transition programs with students and parents
  • Teaching classroom guidance lessons
  • Preparing crisis management and intervention strategies
  • Participating in Learning Support Rescoure Team meetings to discuss special needs of students and to develop intervention strategies
  • Consulting with the teachers, parents and administrators with regards to:
    • Classroom Management
    • Parenting Skills
    • Scheduling and Sectioning
    • Adjustments to a new environment
    • ESL and LS placements
    • Interpretations of standardized testing
    • Writing recommendations for transferring and graduating students
  • Conducting staff development training in guidance related activities.

How do I speak with a Guidance Counselor?

It’s always best to call for an appointment, but if you are in the school, please drop in to see if the counselor is available.  It is also possible to contact the counselor via email or telephone.

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