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Campus Card System

Basic Campus Card System Information

Guidelines to Campus Card System

Please click here to login to your Campus Card account.

  • Username:   Powerschool ID (minus the P) e.g. 111111
  • Password:   Powerschool ID (minus the P) e.g. 111111 

Note: Once logged in, you will then be prompted to change your password.

How to Top-up:
  • Online (Go to E-Account / Smart Card Top-up Option)
  • Through the Touchpay or Kiosks near the Kantina or next to the Cashier in the Business Office
  • Through ISM’s Cashier’s Office
TouchPay (Top-up):
  • Insert card in the machine's card slot.
  • If details on screen are correct, tap NEXT.
  • Insert bill/s in the bill receptor (green slot). Please insert exact. No change will be dispensed.
  • Tap PAY to load it into your account.
  • If you opt to print, get your receipt.
  • Tap CLOSE.
Campus Card Kiosk (Top-up and School Payment System):
  • Select Account Top-up option. The screen will prompt the next step.
  • Tap your card to validator.
  • Tap Next.
  • Tap the Top-up amount.
  • Insert bill/s.
  • Tap Print Receipt to get your receipt.
  • The fund belongs to one (1) family account. If the family prefers to have individual accounts, please send an email request to
Other Online Functions:
  • Low Account Balance Notification - Online (Go to Profile Mangement / Edit Contact Details Option)
  • Spend Limit - Online (Go to E-Account / Set Spend Limit Option)
Email Address:

Reminder: Do not punch holes in the card to avoid errors in reading card information when using it.