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Bearcat Kantina

Welcome to Bearcat Kantina!

Bearcat Kantina has a wide array of food choices. If you are craving Mexican, you should try Chihuahua, their burrito is a best-seller. If you opt for the traditional American, visit NY Express and for Filipiniana palate, visit Selections by Sodexo. For a taste of Italian appetite, go for Prego by L’Opera. We offer Asian Express for a variety of Asian cuisine that includes Korean, Thai, Singaporean and Japanese rice topping/bowl options. If you are into healthy option and detox, don’t miss Yogi Chef. For those on the go, we now have the grab-and-go section by Good Eats.

And if you need coffee, feel at home at the Bearcat Café that is located beside the Fine Arts Theater.

Bearcat Kantina’s operating hours are from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


What’s NEW?

The campus card is now linked to Touch Pay (it is a machine that can be found at the malls and other common places that serves as a payment machine for utilities, government services, transportation, etc.)

Where to find

The Touch Pay machines are found at the following locations:

  • Beside the Cashier’s Office
  • Near the Kantina (beside the BPI ATM)
How it works
  • Simply insert your campus card (school ID) in the reader slot (check the label INSERT CARD HERE). Check the monitor if the details are correct. If correct, tap NEXT on the monitor.
  • Insert your bill/s in the bill receptor. (Note: The machine accepts any bill denomination.) Tap PAY on the monitor to load the money into your account.
  • You will be asked if you want to print the receipt or not. Tap your choice on the monitor. Tap Close on the monitor.

Please note: The old kiosks can still be used for loading the Campus Card and for paying ISM school activities onsite such as the Battle of the Bands, School Play, HS Prom, Donation, etc.


ISM Uses Full Debit System

All concessionaires do not accept cash payments (except for Parents, Guests, and Outsourced Staff) during school hours.

If a student misplaces/loses the campus card, the student must secure a campus card slip from the ES/MS/HS Office to have access to food that day. If the card is lost, it must be replaced immediately through the Security Office.

New students will be provided a slip by the Security Office in lieu of the campus card while it is still on process. The slip will have a validity date.

Selections by Sodexo and Yogi Chef shall serve the ES Kantina through the full debit system too. Please check the Elementary School Kantina page for more information.

For Bearcat Kantina and Campus Card concerns, please send an email to

We are excited to see you at the Kantina! 


Bearcat Kantina Concessionaire Bidding is Now Open


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