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Admission Process

In line with our School's core value of sustaining and safeguarding our environment, IS Manila has moved to an online application process.

If you are not yet ready to apply but would like to inquire or book a tour, please fill out the Inquiry Form HERE.

Please note that an inquiry or an online application does not reserve a space.

IS Manila requires the submission of a complete Application File in order to be considered for Admission. Our academic calendar typically runs from early August to early June. IS Manila follows an Admissions Priority Policy as our primary mission is to educate expatriate students who are temporarily residing in the Philippines with their parents who have legal residence in Manila. Our Rolling Admissions Policy allows us to accept students throughout the academic calendar. Applications are accepted maximum nine months in advance of the school year for which a student is expected to start.



Click HERE to review IS Manila's Admission Guidelines.



CIick HERE to create an InfoSnap account.



Once you have created an account, you may begin to complete the Online Application. Please be aware that you will be required to upload documents such as your child’s passport, parent passports, previous and current academic records and if applicable, any learning support documentation.

Please note once you submit, you will not be able to upload these documents, which may delay review of your application.

Once you have submitted the Online Application, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you have been successful.

To apply for another child, you may start another application using your InfoSnap account.

Please note that until you SUBMIT the form, you may save and return to complete it using the InfoSnap account login that you created.



Your InfoSnap account allows you to track the documents we have received. Please take the time to review the Application File Requirements per grade level found HERE. You must complete all requirements in order for your child's Application File to be reviewed.



All candidates seeking entry into Grade 1 and above may be tested, unless they have a recent standardized test recognized by ISM (e.g., ITBS, CAT, Stanford 9 or 10, ISA, ERB).  Entrance/placement tests are scheduled after a review of the Application File by the Admissions Office and/or the school’s Guidance Counselor. 

The tests are usually scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. in the Admissions Office. The testing has several components including English language skills and Mathematics. For older candidates, if they have studied a foreign or modern language, they may also be tested for French, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin.

English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and Learning Support (LS) Students

The School believes that, in order to consolidate the strength and rigor of the mainstream educational program, there must be an appropriate balance in enrollment between regular admissions and those students who are actively receiving support in English-as-a-Second- Language (ESL) or from Learning Support (LS).  In Elementary School, the combined number of children per grade receiving active support from ESL and LS should not exceed 25%; in Middle and High Schools, that figure is 20%.

Once a place is offered, English-as-a-Second-Language, applicants and parents will interview with the ESL Program Leader to determine the level of language support required to ensure the student is successful in the mainstream classroom. There is no ESL program in Grades 11 and 12.



All candidates and their parents are required to meet with a school Guidance Counselor. At this time parents may ask more detailed questions about the programs and curriculum. The Elementary School Counselor will make a decision about teacher placement and the Middle and High School Counselors will work out a class schedule. High School students and parents may also want to discuss the International Baccalaureate (IB) program with the IB Coordinator.



Please note that it is general practice that admission decisions are made after the applicant has taken the appropriate entrance test(s) on site and has interviewed personally with the relevant school Guidance Counselor. However, the School has the prerogative to make early decisions about admission. The final admission decision will be conveyed to the parents by the Admissions Office as soon as possible.

Parents should enroll their children immediately upon acceptance in order to secure their places. Once a place is offered, the student must be enrolled at that time and the tuition paid in order to hold the place for immediate or later entry.


Once a candidate has completed Steps 1-4 and is formally accepted, the student must complete the Enrollment Process. Enrollment requires clearance signatures on the Enrollment Clearance Form from the Admissions Office, the Cashier’s Office and the Health Clinic.

The following steps are part of the Enrollment Process:

  1. Submission of the Student Health Card and Physical Examination Record directly to the School Health Clinic to obtain a clearance signature on the Enrollment Clearance Form. It is recommended that every family read the Health Clinic Clearance Procedure and obtain all of the necessary forms applicable to the child.
  2. Payment of Tuition and all other school-related fees. Payments are made directly to the Cashier’s Office. A clearance signature on the Enrollment Clearance Form is required.
  3. Submission of the signed Parent and School Shared Agreement form to the Admissions Office. A signature on your Enrollment Clearance Form is also required from the Admissions Office.
  4. Purchase school uniforms at the Uniform Shop.
  5. School photo IDs may be obtained at the Security Office. Applications for car sticker(s) are also available at the Security Office.
  6. Sign up for the bus service at the Transportation Office (optional).
  7. Sign up for the snack and/or lunch option at the Elementary School Canteen for Kindergarten - Grade 4 students (optional).
  8. Submission of a signed General Proxy for the Board of Trustees Form to the Admissions Office (optional).

Other Documentation Needed:

  • All students entering Grades 7-12 are required to sign the ISM Drug Policy Form.
  • All High School students (Grades 9-12) are required to sign the Honor Code.

Once the Enrollment Clearance Form is completed, a copy should be given to your child’s Guidance Counselor on the first day he/she attends school. For a child going to Preschool, the Enrollment Clearance Form may be given to the Preschool teacher.

Please note: Our policy is to communicate directly with parents in regard to the confidential information of minors. Parents must submit an Authorization Letter if they choose to nominate an authorized representative. This representative must only be one individual who is based locally in the Philippines.