International School Manila

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Five Year Accreditation Review 2017

In October 2017, International School Manila hosted a Visiting Team comprising representatives from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Team Members were provided with a 400-page Self-evaluation Study, completed by ISM faculty and staff and with input from students, parents and Trustees. The Team spent a week on campus and, at the end of their visit, submitted a comprehensive report commending the school for its achievements and recommending possible avenues for analysis and development. The Report grants ISM full Accreditation for the maximum span of five years and concludes:

“The Visiting Team recognizes that International School Manila (ISM) is a wonderful school where community values are authentic at all levels of the School. Establishing a community ethos at such a large school is a challenge, but one the Visiting Team feels that ISM has met. It is evident that there are excellent relationships between students and teachers characterized by mutual respect and an understanding that they share the community that is ISM. Students are happy and see themselves as learners, leaders and potential leaders. The range of programs and activities available to students allows them to develop their talents and interests in academics, arts, sports and service. The School has also shown innovations rarely seen in international schools. The self-contained learning program called the Specialized Learning Support Program is a confident and courageous initiative that helps ISM better reflect its community and speaks to its mission statement in terms of diversity at the school.

“ISM is fortunate to have a combination of like-minded members of the School leadership and teachers who share a clear Mission and Vision of what a holistic education of a child can be. Such a program leads to confident young people who are curious about their world and understand their responsibilities as part of a larger community of citizens. The long-serving Superintendent and Board of Trustees should be very proud of the high quality school community they have developed and sustained at ISM. The Board in particular has shown a high degree of professionalism in school governance and understands it has an intentional and strategic, as opposed to an operational, role, which has allowed ISM to develop positively on many levels.”